Alloy Wheels Detailing

This treatment is designed for cleaning and protection of the alloy wheels. One of the biggest challenges being faced is in protecting alloy wheels from brake dust and grime.

This, in-turn leaves, spider web cracks on the alloy wheels and cannot be repaired. The beauty and sheen of the alloy wheel is lost in the process.


  • Grime
  • Alloy wheel cleaning & treatment with special chemical agents.
  • Only regular wash needed after protection.
  • No need for expensive alloy wheel cleaners
  • No cracking or scaling off of the Alloy coating

This application is aimed at restoring the lost sheen of the alloy wheel and also to ensure its long-term protection.


Mini ₹700/- | Midi ₹800/- | Maxi ₹1000/-

*All services and prices vary by location and vehicle condition. Quote provided prior to services. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment.