Car Paint Protection Film - PPF

Car Paint Protection Film - PPF

The best way to keep your car looking newer longer is with ActiveHeal SECURA® Paint Protection Film. The virtually invisible film will protect vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, hoods and door handles while protecting against scratches that could damage the finish on any other part of the vehicle - even if you don't see them. With ActiveHeal SECURA© Paint Protection Film, you can protect your showroom quality finish and make sure that it lasts longer.

With its TPU Self Healing Material and HydroSeal Top Layer, our PPF is like a hybrid coating that combines PPF with Ceramic Coating.

We offer up to 200 microns of thickness with a 3-year warranty

This is the perfect time to invest in a high-quality car wash. Why? Well, you can protect your vehicle's finish with Active Car Wash Paint Protection Film (PPF) and keep it looking newer longer! Plus this amazing film will enhance resale value for when you're ready to trade up or sell off at a future date - so don't miss out on all these benefits by waiting too long before getting yours now from any one of our trusted partners near You!!

ACW Paint Protection Film can provide a durable and long-lasting solution to protect your car finish from scratches, chips, stains or other damaging elements. The virtually invisible film will not alter the color of your vehicle design elements like some products on the market today do!

Our High quality paint protection film from High-End Protection provides durability with long term benefits!

  • Active Heal Secura TPU - 3 Years
  • Starts@ ₹450/Ft2

Waterproof, solvent-resistant, stretchable, reusable PPF

Self-healing PPF TPU transparent paint protection film.

12 times longer than wax in terms of protection and smoothness.

Car body paint protection film made of transparent water-resistant PPF.

3-Year Guaranteed Protection

  • Llumar Classic - 5 Years
  • Starts@ ₹800/Ft2

LLumar® Paint Protection Film is like armor for your car. Invisible to the naked eye, this film will protect against scratches and chips that can otherwise ruin its exterior look-scheming long term. It provides protection against imperfections even after multiple uses without polish or waxing!

  • Scratch- and chip-resistant
  • Designed to last up to 5 years
  • Match your paint finish
  • Surface Durability
  • Stain-resistant properties
  • Avoid everyday road damage
  • Llumar Platinum - 10 Years
  • Starts@ ₹900/Ft2

The LLumar Platinum Series Paint Protection Film is the best safeguard against damage to your car's paint. It increases its resistance against rocks, road debris and winter salt while also reducing sand absorption for superior long term durability with an easy on/off installation process that doesn't affect clarity or pearlization of vehicle surfaces - all at a ten year warranty! As if that weren't enough protection already though there is HydroGardTM technology so you can drive worry-free knowing nothing will scratch your car.

  • With HydroGardTM technology, it resists water and stains against dirt, oil, tar, tree sap, and other contaminants.
  • Self-healing properties with heat absorption.
  • With the extra wide film variant, it can provide the Perfect Fit even for extra-long bonnets, as no joints are necessary.
  • Surface Durability protects your car's paint from stones, rocks, salt, sand, insects,etc.
  • A durable product that lasts for at least 10 years
  • Llumar Valor- 10 Years
  • Starts@ ₹1,100/Ft2

Paint protection film that improves the performance of your car’s paint? It sounds too good to be true, but that's what Llumar Valor offers. This best-in class product has a ten year warranty and self heals when hit with water or other materials! With HydroGard TM technology as well for added durability against stones. When you drive around town every day without worrying about hitting dirt stains from road debris - this level up in service will make sure nothing can ruin even one moment driving down an expressway.

  • The Perfect Fit is available for those with extra-long bonnets. The seamless film variant covers the entire length, making it easy to install and remove without any joints required!
  • Equipped with unique HydroGard™ technology.
  • Made with a proprietary blend of chemical compounds, our product helps protect your vehicle's paint from the biggest threats.
  • Self-Healing heat properties with durability lasting for a decade.
  • WRAPS - Avery Dennison
  • Starts@ ₹13,500/-

Black (Glossy/Matt) - Roof

*(Mini ₹6000/ | Midi ₹8000/ | Maxi ₹10000/ | Luxi ₹12000/ )

Black (Glossy/Matt) - Full Car

*(Mini ₹55000/ | Midi ₹60000/ | Maxi ₹65000/ | Luxi ₹70000/ )

Solids - Glossy - Full Car

*(Mini ₹44000/ | Midi ₹46000/ | Maxi ₹48000/ | Luxi ₹50000/ )

Chrome - Full Car

*(Mini ₹155000/ | Midi ₹170000/ | Maxi ₹185000/ | Luxi ₹200000/ )

*All services and prices vary by location and vehicle condition. Quote provided prior to services. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment.